Asphalt Driveway Replaced by Concrete in Minneapolis

We were called out to give services to a customer in Minneapolis. The customer was wanting his current asphalt driveway to be a concrete driveway. We arrived promptly and immediately started to remove the asphalt driveway. Once we successfully removed the asphalt, we prepped the surface and began working on installing the concrete driveway. It took our team two days from start to finish to complete the driveway installation. We had the customer come out and take a look at the driveway, which he loved! We asked the customer how he heard about our company, and he said he did a search on Google, and we were rated #1, so he selected us. We found out later that the customer went back and left us a review that said, “A. Pietig did an excellent job installing my new concrete driveway. They performed in a professional manner, showed up on time both days, and gave me a price that I could afford. I highly recommend A. Pietig as they did an excellent job.”

A.Pietig would like to thank you for trusting us with your driveway, and home. We have over sixty years of excellent experience in concrete driveways. We wanted to let you know that we also offer other concrete services, which include; concrete driveways, patios, sidewalks, and all concrete, brick, stone and all foundation projects. Contact A. Pietig for all your concrete and foundation needs.

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What Factors Influence The Price Of Concrete?

What factors can influence the price of concrete?

There are several factors to be considered in the price of a concrete driveway. One of the factors is the materials, including the sand, cement, and water, which are a few ingredients whose prices fluctuate. If you see a rise in price of these materials, then it will influence your concrete pricing. Lumber and steel are also included in this, as these materials are needed to create your concrete. One factor that drastically will influence the price of concrete is crude oil. If crude oil is high in price, then you can expect to pay at least $6.00 per square foot for concrete.

The concrete driveway cost is also influenced on how the contractor you hire will install the concrete. Will the contractor manually mix, and then pour the concrete, or will the contractor use equipment? If the contractor uses equipment, this will alter influence the cost, along with the labor and the amount of workers that the contractor uses.

The size of the area and what you want done will influence your total concrete cost. If you are putting a new walkway in and there needs to be clearing of trees or shrubs, then of course this will be added into the cost. You cannot expect a contractor to remove these items or any other items for free. This involves workers, equipment, and time – all components are factored into your concrete cost.

There are many things that can influence the cost of concrete. Asking many questions to your potential contractor will help in letting you know an approximate cost of the concrete. A contractor will go over what you are wanting and needing to happen with the concrete and then go from there. The contractor will give you many different options that will allow you to pick and choose the best concrete for your home. The best thing about concrete is that it is maintenance free. You don’t have to spend a lot of time working on your concrete. Once the concrete is installed, you can expect it to last for the majority of the time that you own your home. When you are ready to have concrete added to your home, you can go over some of the things that can influence the cost of the concrete.

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How Long Does Concrete Last?

One of the most common questions that is asked about concrete is “how long will it last?”

If the concrete has been properly installed and sealed, then the concrete can last up to 50 years. Once the concrete has been installed, it is important for your concrete to cure. The curing process allows the concrete to gain strength. The curing stage is usually a month, and then a sealer is applied to protect the concrete.

The most important thing to remember about the concrete is to stay off of it for the first 24 hours after the concrete has been installed. You will want to keep everyone and everything off the concrete for this first 24-hour period. After this initial period, you can walk across the concrete, but you should avoid driving on the concrete for at least a week. Giving your concrete this time will allow it to gain the strength that it needs to last the full 50 years. Once the week is up, you can drive on it, kids can play on it; you can enjoy the driveway. You do want to make sure no heavy vehicles, such as trash trucks, drive on your driveway for a while. It is recommended to keep heavy vehicles off the driveway for at least 30 days. This gives the concrete plenty of time to cure and gain the strength that it needs to hold up.

After the curing time has passed, a sealant will be applied. The only thing that homeowners will have to do to their concrete is a good washing with a power washer or hose several times a year. This will keep the concrete clean of any chemicals and dirt. Weather elements such as rain, snow, and sunlight contains many chemicals that can be deposited on the concrete, but a good cleaning will remove them. The sealant will also protect the concrete from absorbing any of these chemicals.

Concrete is an excellent addition to any home and can last a homeowner 25-50 years. The length of time depends on the concrete, weather conditions, and how well the concrete is maintained by the homeowner. Many homeowners never have to worry about replacing their concrete for the time that they own their home, which is the main reason homeowners choose concrete.

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Concrete vs. Asphalt: What Is The Best Choice For Me?

Concrete and asphalt both have great benefits, but how do you know which one is the best choice for you?

Ask yourself these questions before you decide which is better for you:

* Is the concrete and asphalt going to be used for your home driveway?
* Will your children be playing on the driveway?
* What is your budget?
*What is the temperature like where you live?
*Do you want a maintenance free driveway?

Make sure you check with your local authorities to see if you can use asphalt, as some cities and counties only allow asphalt in business areas or country settings.

A concrete driveway is better if your children will be playing on it. Concrete doesn’t soften in the heat of the summer months, whereas asphalt will soften during very hot days and can burn the skin easily. Concrete holds up excellent in climates that fluctuate from cold to warm temperatures. Concrete is less likely to crack and stays in place. The advantage of having asphalt in the winter months is that the asphalt will help snow melt quickly as it absorbs the heat from the sun.

The budget that you set for yourself to spend is important. If you are currently looking at short-term costs, then asphalt is your choice and can typically cost less than concrete. In some cases it can cost half the price, but if you look at long-term costs, concrete is the best choice. It may cost more to have it now, but the concrete is nearly maintenance free, but asphalt requires more maintenance.

Asphalt maintenance repairs are easy to do and most homeowners can complete them. Concrete has very little maintenance repairs. A crack may appear, but the main chore for concrete is a few washings each year. Concrete can last up to fifty years, which is great for homeowners.

The bottom line is asphalt and concrete both have their advantages and disadvantages. Concrete will add value to any home as it looks amazing. Homeowners have the option of adding color to the concrete to match the exterior of their home. Look over your budget, compare the two, and then decide which is best for your home.

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How Much Does A Concrete Driveway Cost?

Are You Looking to Have a Concrete Driveway Installed At Your Home or Business?

A concrete driveway is the most favored driveway for homeowners and business owners for several reasons. What is a concrete driveway? A concrete driveway is made with crushed rocks, sand, cement, and other ingredients. Colors can be added to the cement to bring added appeal to the driveway, which many homeowners do, as it brings up the value on their home and matches the exterior.

Homeowners and business owners favor concrete driveways because they are easy to maintain. To clean the driveway, all you is need is a good water hose and a stiff brush. A concrete driveway is a great choice not only because it is affordable, but because it can last between 25 and 50 years.

How much does a concrete driveway cost? A concrete driveway can cost between $2.50 to $4.00 per square foot. The price of a square foot will depend on the prices of crude oil at the time that you are wanting to have your concrete driveway installed. If the crude oil is running high, then you can expect to pay from $4.00 to $6.00 per square foot. The cost of the concrete driveway also depends on the finishes and detailing that the homeowner wants added. Some homeowners are adding a smooth finish to their concrete driveway, which can cost more and even up to $15.00 a square foot.

Another factor to consider when determining the price of a concrete driveway put in is the area in which you would like to lay the concrete. If the area has trees or shrubs that need to be removed, then this would be an added charge. If the homeowner is replacing an asphalt driveway, the price will depend on the square footage of the driveway. The concrete driveway professional will not be completed with the driveway in one visit. They will have to return to the home to seal the concrete, which is usually a month later.

A concrete driveway is the best driveway to have. It is cost affordable and requires less maintenance than asphalt driveways. It improves the value of your home or business and can last up to 50 years. There are many advantages of having a concrete driveway installed and the cost is seems like nothing compared to the life that you get from the driveway and the time that you save from not having to spend to maintain the driveway.

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