New Concrete Driveway Minneapolis, MN

Here at A. Pietig, we have been replacing concrete Driveways in Minneapolis for many years.  Recently, we received a call from a homeowner who had found us on Google.  She wanted us to come over and see what we could do for her.  She had lived in her home for 15 years and had recently done some extensive landscaping to their backyard.  The problem was that the old cracked beat up driveway did not go well with the new updated landscaping!  She was very concerned that she did things in the wrong order.  That she should have done the driveway repair prior to the landscaping.  We assured her that we could replace the existing driveway while not damaging any of her new landscaping, plants or wild grasses.

After a review of the current driveway, we discussed some different repair and replacement options.  She chose to replace the entire driveway and is extremely happy with the result!!

Thanks for putting your trust in A. Pietig Concrete!