Prior Lake Home Adds Brick Paver Patio For Walk-Out Basement

A. Pietig constructed a concrete patio for a customer in Prior Lake, MN. To begin this job, we made an outline for where the new patio would be. We set stakes at the corners of the outline and excavated the ground. We leveled the ground and poured gravel on top of the dirt. Once the material was compacted, we installed a plastic edging to lock in the pavers that would be set in place. After this, sand was poured evenly on top, and then it was time to lay the pavers. Once all of the brick pavers were laid (in a herringbone design), we poured another layer of sand on top and brushed off any excess for a clean finish. Once the sand had completely filled the gaps between each paver, the patio was complete! Our customer said he loved the finished look. Now, he can enjoy his new patio from his walk-out basement!

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