Prior Lake Home Adds A Stone Retaining Wall Along Staircase

One of our Prior Lake customers called us for a backyard makeover. This included a new brick patio, concrete steps and a retaining wall. A paved stone retaining wall can enhance any backyard, especially with a staircase like this customer had. To begin, we marked where the retaining wall would go and put stakes into the ground where the pavers would reach. The first layer of stone requires the paver to be completely buried for a sturdy base. We excavated the area and compacted the base. Then, we added a layer of sand and packed it until it was smooth. Next, we began laying the pavers, starting at the lowest point on the hill. We made sure each base course was level and added each additional stone in a staggered pattern, making sure that the stones were not too close. We added gravel behind the stone wall to assist in draining. The very top layer of stone was secured with stone adhesive for a sturdy finish. Our customer said we did a great job and loved the finished look!

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Prior Lake Retaining Wall Prior Lake Stone Retaining Wall