New Concrete Steps for Apartment Complex in Minneapolis MN

The professional concrete contractors at A. Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving, Inc. recently had the opportunity to install new concrete steps for an apartment complex in Minneapolis, MN.

The property manager at the apartment complex noticed that the stairs were beginning to wear. Over the years, the combination of the snow, ice, freeze/thaw cycles and salt being applied to the main entrance and side entrance stairways had really worn on the concrete. Plus the handrails had some signs of corrosion, despite the fact that they had been kept up well over the years. After searching Google and social media for a reputable concrete paving expert in the area, he found us and gave us a call.

We arrived two days later for the initial inspection. We proposed that the existing stairways and hand railings be removed and replaced. We gave an estimate for the process in addition to the installation of new concrete steps, landing pads and a nice set of wrought iron hand railing for each side. The customer was happy with what we had to offer and asked us to start on the job when it was most convenient for us.

We had an opening the following Tuesday. Our crew got started early in the morning. We started by removing the main entrance stairway while leaving the side entrance open so residents had stairs available for use. Once removed, we installed the new steps, landing pad and hand railing. Once the stairs were completely ready to be used, we started on the side entrance steps. Once the project was complete, the new stairways looked great and the iron railings really added a nice touch.

Thank you for choosing to work with A. Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving, Inc.