New Concrete Steps & Brick Pillars Create Beautiful Entrance for Minneapolis Home

This Minneapolis home made quite the transformation once we were done with it! We added brick pillars, brick buttress, concrete walls, walks and steps. It added a very elegant entrance to this beautiful home. To begin, we tore away the old steps and excavated the area. We started with the stairs by measuring out where they would be and put stakes into he ground to build the framework. We poured in the concrete and let it harden. Then, it was time to build the brick pillars along the sides of the staircase. We laid the bricks in a staggered pattern and filled the gaps with mortar. Then, we added another layer until it reached the correct height. We brushed the brick clean and smoothed the mortar before drying. Our customer loved the results. You can see photos from this job below!

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Minneapolis Brick Pillars

Minneapolis Concrete Steps