New Concrete Patio Installed in Bloomington

A Bloomington resident called us about installing a concrete patio. He explained his situation and told us several slabs of concrete were raised and was worried someone would eventually trip on it and get hurt. The A. Pietig crew arrived to tear out the previous patio and install new concrete. We covered all of the plants and flowers that were surrounding the patio, so they would be protected while we worked. We ground the cement down, so it would break into large pieces that we could transport. Once the concrete was completely in place, we asked our customer to come take a look. He came out to the patio, and instantly said, “wow, it looks great!” He thanked us for protecting his wife’s plants and flowers and for our professional work. He mentioned how he can now actually use his patio without watching every step he took to avoid a fall.

We would like to thank you for trusting us with your patio. Our team is trained and qualified and will do everything possible to protect any landscaping that our customers have. We know how hard it is to keep your landscaping looking great, and we respect that by protecting plants and flowers. We just wanted to remind you that we offer other services, which include; concrete driveways, foundation repairs, and steps and sidewalks. Call us anytime you need any of these services done. Click to read more on the concrete company Bloomington residents trust!

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