New Brick Paver Steps for Waterfront Home in Prior Lake!

Our team was working on concrete steps and a retaining wall for this particular customer in Prior Lake, MN. Our customer wanted a brick walkway from his home, down to the nearby lake. To begin, we excavated the ground, so we could build the framework for the stairs. Then, we created the concrete slabs by pouring concrete into the mold. While the concrete is still damp, we hand-tamped the edges to ensure all voids would be filled for a solid finish. We pulled the molding away and cleaned up the concrete before it was finished drying. These concrete slabs were in blocks, to be applied in a similar way as the brick pavers. We used a herringbone design when laying the bricks between the staircases. After laying the bricks and concrete slabs, we poured sand over the top to fill each crevice and brushed any excess away. Our customer loved the finished look! You can see the finished look in the photos below.

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Prior Lake_StepsPrior Lake Brick WalkwayPrior Lake Concrete Steps

Prior Lake Concrete Steps