New Bloomington Concrete Driveway Project

As a Bloomington based company, our team here at A. Pietig have installed a ton of new concrete driveways for Bloomington, MN residents.  In General, Bloomington is a concrete city!  Below is a photo of an A. Pietig concrete driveway project.  The home was a typical 50-60’s rambler with a front sidewalk going through the driveway.  The existing driveway was cracked, heaved and had outlived is useful life.  We removed the old concrete, made adjustments to the base layer and installed a new concrete driveway.  The result brightens up the look of the home and the homeowner is very happy with their new concrete driveway!

Thanks again! A. Pietig Concrete, Bloomington, MN

Concrete Bloomington A. Pietig