Is There Any Maintenance That Needs To Be Done With Concrete?

To keep your concrete looking and performing great, is there any maintenance that should be done?

Fortunately, concrete is nearly maintenance free, but there are a few things that should be done so your concrete looks great and is in working condition.

One thing you should do several times a year is wash the concrete. You can use a power washer or a hose with a powerful nozzle. You can use soap, driveway cleaning products, and a firm brush. Just go over the concrete to remove any salts, chemicals, dirt, and debris, then wash away the daily grime that can collect from your vehicle.

Concrete sealing should be done once a year. The sealer is rolled on with ease, you pour the sealer right on the concrete and simply roll it out evenly. The sealer will also keep the concrete cleaner. If your concrete driveway was just put in, then you do not need to seal it, as it probably has sealant applied.

If the concrete has any cracks in the concrete, you should repair the cracks. Small cracks can be repaired with non-hardening UV-safe silicon. It is easy to apply and will fill in the cracks. For cracks that are in the concrete driveway, a repair mortar is recommended.

Many homeowners in colder climates use salt and chemicals for snow and ice on their concrete. Salt and chemicals will wear on the concrete over time, which is why it is recommended to wash your concrete several times a year. Washing the concrete will remove any chemicals that have been put on the concrete.

A concrete can last up to 50 years if taken care properly. There is not much maintenance that is required for concrete, just a simple wash a few times a year is about all that is needed to maintain your concrete. Doing this will not only keep your concrete looking great, but will also keep the concrete from wearing. Also, if you are planting shrubs or plants around your home, try to make sure that the plants will not grow up to the concrete. The roots can push up on the concrete and this causes the concrete to crack or rise. This can be quite costly to repair.

Doing these few simple things will keep your concrete lasting nearly forever. Concrete is made to be maintenance-free for homeowners, but an occasional wash will keep it lasting longer.

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