How Much Does A Concrete Driveway Cost?

Are You Looking to Have a Concrete Driveway Installed At Your Home or Business?

A concrete driveway is the most favored driveway for homeowners and business owners for several reasons. What is a concrete driveway? A concrete driveway is made with crushed rocks, sand, cement, and other ingredients. Colors can be added to the cement to bring added appeal to the driveway, which many homeowners do, as it brings up the value on their home and matches the exterior.

Homeowners and business owners favor concrete driveways because they are easy to maintain. To clean the driveway, all you is need is a good water hose and a stiff brush. A concrete driveway is a great choice not only because it is affordable, but because it can last between 25 and 50 years.

How much does a concrete driveway cost? A concrete driveway can cost between $2.50 to $4.00 per square foot. The price of a square foot will depend on the prices of crude oil at the time that you are wanting to have your concrete driveway installed. If the crude oil is running high, then you can expect to pay from $4.00 to $6.00 per square foot. The cost of the concrete driveway also depends on the finishes and detailing that the homeowner wants added. Some homeowners are adding a smooth finish to their concrete driveway, which can cost more and even up to $15.00 a square foot.

Another factor to consider when determining the price of a concrete driveway put in is the area in which you would like to lay the concrete. If the area has trees or shrubs that need to be removed, then this would be an added charge. If the homeowner is replacing an asphalt driveway, the price will depend on the square footage of the driveway. The concrete driveway professional will not be completed with the driveway in one visit. They will have to return to the home to seal the concrete, which is usually a month later.

A concrete driveway is the best driveway to have. It is cost affordable and requires less maintenance than asphalt driveways. It improves the value of your home or business and can last up to 50 years. There are many advantages of having a concrete driveway installed and the cost is seems like nothing compared to the life that you get from the driveway and the time that you save from not having to spend to maintain the driveway.

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