How Long Before I Can Drive On Fresh Concrete?

One of the most frequently asked questions about concrete is “how soon will I be able to drive one it?”

Driving on your concrete is important and convenient, but you do not want to drive on it before it is ready. There is a curing time that is needed so the concrete will fully develop. This development will create a strong and durable concrete. Knowing the steps of your concrete will help you to understand and know the importance of letting your concrete cure.

Concrete Steps:

  • The concrete will be solid quickly after it has been formed, but it does not have the strength that it needs to provide the years of durability that you expect with concrete for the first few days. The first 24 hours are very important. There should be no pets, children, adults, or anything on the concrete.
  • After the first 48 hours, homeowners can walk on the fresh concrete. Skateboards, bicycles and any toys should be kept off the fresh concrete.
  • In one week, it is okay for you to drive on your fresh concrete. You should try to stay away from the edges of the fresh concrete because the concrete in this area is weaker.
  • In one month, the fresh concrete will have developed the proper strength and hardness. You can now drive, walk, run, and play on the concrete without worrying about ruining the formation. However, you must stay away from having heavy trucks on the fresh concrete at this point. This is also a good time for the concrete sealant to be applied.

It does not take long before you can drive on your fresh concrete. The key is to be patient and let the concrete gain the strength that it needs. Keep tape across the fresh concrete to ensure that it is protected from any vehicles or people entering the driveway area. The concrete will look like it is complete before the week has ended, but still allow the seven days to pass before driving on your fresh concrete.

Fresh concrete will increase the value of your home, plus give you time that you don’t have to spend on maintaining the driveway. Concrete is the number one leader in driveways as it can last up to 50 years. It is durable, strong and attractive. If you are looking to have concrete installed, call a professional contractor to ensure that your driveway project will be completed accurately.

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