Golden Valley Concrete Repair is for Safety, Reliability

A registered nurse contacted A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving the other day because she was concerned about her concrete walkway. She needed the best company for concrete repair Golden Valley had to offer. Her concrete walkway had a few cracks and she wanted A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving to repair it before it was too late. She realized that winter is coming after the weather started to get a bit cooler in Minnesota, and she wanted to have the cracks repaired before snow and ice hit the ground. The nurse was referred to us by a coworker. The coworker said that A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving could repair the cracks in just a few hours, so that is why she contacted us.

A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving reassured her that we would have the concrete repairs done in one day, and the walkway would be safe and look great. Our concrete crew arrived at the Golden Valley home and started the crack repairs, and just as we promised the concrete was repaired for her. The nurse was so preoccupied with the safety of the walkway that when she returned home from a long day at the hospital she was delighted with the walkway. All of her fears were put to rest, and now she and any family, friends, or guests that come to her home can safely walk on the walkway without getting hurt. The cracks are gone, which leaves the walkway with an attractive aesthetic appeal. too.