Film Fan Gets Ripped with Concrete Steps in Plymouth

A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving received a call from a Plymouth runner. The runner recently got into the Rocky movies, and started doing a lot of stair climbing. He wanted to get lean and tough just like Rocky Balboa did in the classic films, and after each run he would come home and watch the iconic scene of Rocky running up the stairs with his hands in the air. The man had stairs at his home, and was using them for his workout, but he realized that the steps were run down, and slightly busted up. He didn’t want to fall or get hurt doing his stair climbing, so he called A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving to replace the concrete steps Plymouth residents like him would use to have a bit of harmless fun while exercising.

A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving wanted to assist the man with his stair climbing workouts. Our concrete specialists looked over the steps, and since the steps were so run down and damaged the only solution was to have the concrete steps replaced. Our crew arrived at the home as scheduled, then immediately went to work. The next afternoon all the steps were replaced, and just needed to dry. The man instantly had a good rapport with the concrete step and concrete replacement specialists, because of the universal appreciation of the Rocky movies. He can now safely climb those stairs, and has been running even more than before. He is in great shape and can do in a safe way thanks to the solid construction that A Pietig Concrete was responsible for.