Family Enjoys New Patio in Golden Valley

We received a call from a man in Golden Valley. He was interested in having patio pavers installed at his home. The man told us that he had a family of four, and the family enjoyed barbecues and spending time together outdoors. The father wanted to be able to create an outdoor living room with new patio furniture that he was planning on purchasing, but he didn’t want to set the new patio furniture on his lawn, because he wanted to have a Golden Valley Patio pavers crew come to his home to put in a patio quickly and with lasting quality.

A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving scheduled a no-obligation consultation with the customer, so we could go over paver patio options and offer any suggestions as well. The A Pietig technicians arrived at the home and the customer showed us where he would like to have his patio and how he wanted it to look when it was completed. The customer was thrilled with the consultation and accepted the estimate we provided for his new patio. Our crew arrived two days later to start the patio project. Once the ground was prepared the crew was able to put the Golden Valley patio pavers into place, and by the next afternoon the work was complete. When the customer and his family saw the patio they were so excited and pleased. Our crew even offered to set up the new patio furniture for the customer and his family. A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving goes that extra mile for all of our customers.