Edina Stamped Concrete Is Essential for new Concrete Patio

An Edina couple had been redoing their backyard. They added new patio furniture, a fire pit, and a new awning. The couple was looking at paver patios when they realized they were looking for more of a desert like southwestern feel, which led them to call the best company for stamped concrete Edina had to offer. Of course the company they called was A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving. Our design team met with the couple at their home so we could get an idea and feel on exactly what they wanted and where they would like the stamped concrete placed. The couple showed us some pictures and designs, and we informed them that what they were asking of us was very possible, because we have  plenty of experience providing stamped concrete Edina homeowners are proud of.

The couple agreed, and we started on the project. The A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving experts arrived promptly on time, and started the stamped concrete project. We worked several days until we had the project completed for the customers. Once it was done, the couple was tickled to see that their southwestern and desert design that they had created came to life in their concrete. They said that they had always wanted to have this done, but didn’t think it would be possible until they talked with the experts providing stamped concrete Edina homeowners can trust. We were happy to work on a project that was clearly very special to the homeowners, and also glad to have once again done a great job.