Edina Concrete for Happy Couple

An Edina couple was thinking about switching from a blacktop driveway to a concrete driveway, because they wanted to be able to transition smoothly into the garage with their vehicles with ease. They had just had their garage redone and finished and they noticed that when they entered their garage there was a bump. They didn’t like this feeling and didn’t particularly appreciate the aesthetiic qualities of the blacktop either. They called us hoping to speak with Edina concrete experts, and were not disappointed. They had noticed A. Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving working on their neighbor’s driveway not too long ago, which they felt had turned out beautifully. This is how they knew who to call for excellent concrete driveway services.

The A. Pietig crew arrived at the home and began removing the current driveway. Once it was removed the crew started getting the ground ready for the concrete driveway. We made sure the drainage was in place, then we started pouring the concrete. The concrete driveway was completed and the couple was ecstatic. The surface is now smooth. The couple can get into the garage with ease, and when Winter arrives the concrete can be easily be swept off or shoveled with ease. A. Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving is the concrete specialists Edina residents can really enjoy and appreciate. They didn’t realize what a difference the concrete made over the blacktop until they had it installed at their home.