Eden Prairie Driveway Resurfaced After Drain Fix

Our concrete crew was called to Eden Prairie for our customer who was having driveway issues. It was not draining properly and the cracks were starting to form. We evaluated the driveway and started working immediately. As we were working, the concrete was starting to crumble. If the customer would have waited any longer, the project would have turned into a costly repair. The crew worked intensively on the driveway until it was completed. We finished off with a resurface, so the driveway would be smooth, drain properly, and look appealing. We invited our customer to take a look at our finished work, and he said, “You all did a wonderful job. I am impressed!” We asked him how he heard about A. Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving Inc. and he said he found us when he searched on Google for ‘Eden Prairie concrete driveway repair company.’ He said our list of services and years of experience led him to calling us.

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