Concrete Sidewalks and Steps

Concrete sidewalks, whether in a traditional/basic design or more decorative approach, provide many benefits that are often superior and more affordable options than their competing products, such as asphalt or cobblestone, for example.

Not only will you be satisfied with the low cost and low maintenance concrete sidewalks offer, you will be happy with the longevity of this product – which can last for decades – up to over 30 years or longer – with minimal long-term care or repairs needed.

Concrete sidewalks reflect light, which helps brighten up your yard at night, enhancing safety and adding beauty in those nicely landscaped areas. You also get more for your money with concrete and can build more sidewalk for less, which is why for many, concrete is best.

Want more? Look into concrete steps, another affordable and aesthetically pleasing option, for your front, back or side steps. Concrete steps can come in simple, basic designs, or can be customized to fit your unique home or landscape/design needs. What’s more – color options are also growing in popularity – you can create color patterns that can match your home or colors of choice. Among the styles you can choose from are simple/flat steps, or what is known as the cantilever riser style – the king of the concrete step – which features rounded edges, a smoother surface and visual appeal that will make your steps the envy of your neighborhood.

Concrete sidewalks and concrete steps are durable, low maintenance and versatile. And because the cost of concrete and ease of installation is lower than products such as asphalt, for example, a concrete sidewalk or concrete steps is a low cost, high quality product that will enhance the quality and look of your home without taking a big chunk out of your pocketbook.

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