Concrete vs. Asphalt: What Is The Best Choice For Me?

Concrete and asphalt both have great benefits, but how do you know which one is the best choice for you?

Ask yourself these questions before you decide which is better for you:

* Is the concrete and asphalt going to be used for your home driveway?
* Will your children be playing on the driveway?
* What is your budget?
*What is the temperature like where you live?
*Do you want a maintenance free driveway?

Make sure you check with your local authorities to see if you can use asphalt, as some cities and counties only allow asphalt in business areas or country settings.

A concrete driveway is better if your children will be playing on it. Concrete doesn’t soften in the heat of the summer months, whereas asphalt will soften during very hot days and can burn the skin easily. Concrete holds up excellent in climates that fluctuate from cold to warm temperatures. Concrete is less likely to crack and stays in place. The advantage of having asphalt in the winter months is that the asphalt will help snow melt quickly as it absorbs the heat from the sun.

The budget that you set for yourself to spend is important. If you are currently looking at short-term costs, then asphalt is your choice and can typically cost less than concrete. In some cases it can cost half the price, but if you look at long-term costs, concrete is the best choice. It may cost more to have it now, but the concrete is nearly maintenance free, but asphalt requires more maintenance.

Asphalt maintenance repairs are easy to do and most homeowners can complete them. Concrete has very little maintenance repairs. A crack may appear, but the main chore for concrete is a few washings each year. Concrete can last up to fifty years, which is great for homeowners.

The bottom line is asphalt and concrete both have their advantages and disadvantages. Concrete will add value to any home as it looks amazing. Homeowners have the option of adding color to the concrete to match the exterior of their home. Look over your budget, compare the two, and then decide which is best for your home.

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