Concrete Steps in Plymouth are No Problem for Us!

A Plymouth homeowner found out that their local postman was slightly injured on his shabby and neglected concrete steps the other day. One of his neighbors broke the news to him, and he felt terrible. He said his wife had been nagging him forever to have the steps repaired, but he just kept putting it off and now he felt awful because his postman had been delivering his mail for years and years. The last thing he wanted was for him to get hurt just delivering his mail. He decided he needed them fixed by an expert in Plymouth concrete steps, A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving.

Our team went over to the Plymouth residence, and the homeowner was anxiously waiting. He showed us the concrete steps, and said he wanted them repaired as soon as possible. The homeowner said he didn’t want anyone else getting hurt trying to come to his front door again. The crew started the repair job for the concrete steps. The crew worked endlessly until they were done, and the customer was delighted with the repairs. The customer said that he no longer will neglect having repairs done at his home again. The homeowner was also surprised at how fast everything was completed and that the estimate for the job was much lower than he initially thought it could be. The mailman also later expressed his gratitude tot he kindly Plymouth community member and the crew at A Pietig for doing a great job and eliminating one of the many hazards that a mailman might face on a daily basis.