Concrete Driveway Replaces Asphalt in Bloomington, MN

We had a driveway service scheduled for one of our customers in Bloomington, MN. He was a previous customer for our snow plowing service and knew we offered driveway installations. He had an old asphalt driveway and wanted to replace it with new concrete. We scheduled a date and when we arrived, we began working immediately. At A. Pietig, we have the right equipment to complete any concrete project. To begin, we had to break the asphalt up, which can be done with a concrete saw or jackhammer. The amount that is needed to be removed will depend on the thickness and how large the area is. After it was broken into manageable blocks, we stored them in a designated area to be removed. Asphalt blocks can be recycled, used as stepping stones or even a made into a retaining wall. The driveway was now emptied of asphalt and was ready for the concrete to be poured in. We marked the surrounding area as a reminder not to walk or drive on the surface until it was completely hardened.

After we cleaned up, we called him to let him know that his new concrete driveway was complete and that we would call back in a few days to make sure he was satisfied. When we got ahold of our customer, he said he was really impressed! He also commented on how well our team worked on his property, and that we always cleaned up before we left for the day. While we had our customer on the phone, we asked him how he initially found us, and he said he searched on Google. He commented on how many previous customers raved about our services, so gave us a call. He returned online to leave us feedback that said, “The A. Pietig Concrete Company went out of their way to get my new concrete driveway installed. The employees were all courteous, and professional. The job was affordable, and I highly recommend this company!”

A.Pietig Concrete would like to thank you for trusting us with your new concrete driveway. We know it can be stressful for homeowners when a new driveway is being installed. We try to make the process and installation stress-free from start to finish. We offer a variety of services, which include: concrete walkways, steps, sidewalks, patios, and all foundation work. Click on the link to read more on our concrete driveway services in Bloomington!