New Concrete Steps for Apartment Complex in Minneapolis MN

The professional concrete contractors at A. Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving, Inc. recently had the opportunity to install new concrete steps for an apartment complex in Minneapolis, MN.

The property manager at the apartment complex noticed that the stairs were beginning to wear. Over the years, the combination of the snow, ice, freeze/thaw cycles and salt being applied to the main entrance and side entrance stairways had really worn on the concrete. Plus the handrails had some signs of corrosion, despite the fact that they had been kept up well over the years. After searching Google and social media for a reputable concrete paving expert in the area, he found us and gave us a call.

We arrived two days later for the initial inspection. We proposed that the existing stairways and hand railings be removed and replaced. We gave an estimate for the process in addition to the installation of new concrete steps, landing pads and a nice set of wrought iron hand railing for each side. The customer was happy with what we had to offer and asked us to start on the job when it was most convenient for us.

We had an opening the following Tuesday. Our crew got started early in the morning. We started by removing the main entrance stairway while leaving the side entrance open so residents had stairs available for use. Once removed, we installed the new steps, landing pad and hand railing. Once the stairs were completely ready to be used, we started on the side entrance steps. Once the project was complete, the new stairways looked great and the iron railings really added a nice touch.

Thank you for choosing to work with A. Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving, Inc.

Back yard retaining wall project with steps in Minneapolis

A. Pietig Concrete and Brick Paving is one of the leading concrete, brick, and masonry designers in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area. With over 15 years of experience, A. Pietig Concrete and Brick Paving will perform any residential or commercial driveway, walkway, retaining wall, or patio project. Whether your project requires concrete, brick pavers, stone, or masonry, the expert staff at A. Pietig Concrete and Brick Paving will thoroughly examine the details of your request to assure every expectation of the project is met.

We were recently contacted by a local residential customer who needed a retaining wall system and concrete steps designed for their home. As this customer had never used us before, we assured them that we were the right choice in retaining wall and walkway companies. We were more than happy to administer this project.

Our diligent staff arrived at the job site to prepare a detailed quote and answer any customer’s questions. The quote included the installation of a retaining wall system and steps.

We immediately went to work to bring the customer’s vision to life. We installed the retaining wall system and steps at the customer’s site. The job was executed flawlessly, and our customer was extremely pleased with the result, stating the following:

“I got home tonight and I was absolutely blown away! Everything has turned out exactly how I envisioned, and the finished product far exceeded my expectations. You guys have a good thing going here and I just wanted to send a personal thank you for all your hard work. Thank you for making this process simple and stress-free from the very beginning and seeing it all the way through to completion. From my perspective, you run a fine operation. I have nothing but good things to say.”

Returning Customer Calls in Top Concrete Company in Minneapolis

A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving was recently contacted by a returning customer. The homeowner wanted to have a nice walkway leading from her backdoor to her garden. She had their patio installed by us, so she called us again as their Minneapolis concrete company of choice. She said we did such a great job on the patio that she couldn’t think of calling anyone else to do her walkway.

The A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving crew arrived at the customer’s home and she showed us where she wanted to have the walkway installed. The crew went to work putting the walkway in precisely to the customer’s specifications and the crew made sure to be very careful not to damage any of her beautiful plants and flowers. Once the crew was finished the customer said that it was exactly what she was wanting done. We were able to match the same design style as the patio, and the customer was totally thrilled. The customer said that A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving was the best concrete company in Minneapolis. She continued to say that our crew members were very courteous, professional, and always kept the area clean and maintained. She said she couldn’t ever think of calling anyone else for her patio and walkway, because A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving provides excellent work each and every time and is more affordable than what you would expect it to be.

Property is Spruced Up with Concrete Wall in Minneapolis

A gift shop owner was wanting a retaining wall installed on one side of his parking lot to be able to better maintain some landscaping along his side of the property. On the advice of a neighboring business owner, he called the best company for a concrete wall in Minneapolis, which was A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving. We were glad he told us about the referral, because we always value feedback from our happy customers.

We met with the gift shop owner and he showed us where he wanted to have a retaining wall installed. We let the owner know that he called the right company, because A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving has over six decades of experience and we use only the finest materials to create a retaining wall that will serve a purpose and look beautiful. We showed the owner photos of several retaining walls that we have built for previous customers and he found one that he wanted his to resemble. We measured the area, then gave him an estimate that he was pleased with. Our crew was scheduled to return Monday morning and by Friday we had the wall erected and looking fantastic. The customer walked out as we were cleaning up to go and he just wanted to thank our crew for doing a fantastic job. He said it looked better than it did in the photo. The customer said he was thankful for the recommendation that he received, because A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving provides the best concrete wall in Minneapolis.

Baseball Fan Needs New Concrete Patio in Minneapolis

A few weeks ago, A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving was contacted by a homeowner in Minneapolis. The homeowner was a baseball fan who was getting really excited about spring training. He had just purchased a new grill on sale during the winter months, but realized that he would need an excellent concrete patio in Minneapolis to be able to enjoy it fully. He wanted to have the patio ready by spring, so he called us to come measure the space and to provide an estimate for him. He approved, and we’ll be installing it as one of our first projects in the next season.

The A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving experts arrived at the home in Minneapolis. The homeowner showed us the space where he wanted the concrete patio installed. We measured the space, then gave him the estimate, which he was delighted with. We let the homeowner know that we could do all types of different patios, then we showed him some pictures of previous concrete patios in Minneapolis that we had done for our customers. The homeowner was really impressed with a few of the patios, then said he would think about the decision and let us know. The homeowner must have been impressed with our estimate and previous work, because just a few days later he called us to have us do his patio. The baseball fan said he talked it over with his wife and they both agreed that A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving is the professional contractor to do their Minneapolis concrete patio.

Bike Shop Needs Work Done on Minneapolis Concrete Sidewalk

A bicycle shop was needing their Minneapolis concrete sidewalk repaired. The sidewalk had been in need of repair for some time and the bicycle shop owner thought that the city may repair it, but after asking and asking the city he decided to take matters in his own hands. He called A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving to have the work done. He explained to us that he was worried that one of his customers would trip and fall on the sidewalk and the sidewalk was close to where the bikes were to park to enter the store. The owner just wanted the sidewalk repaired as quickly as we could.

The A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving team came out and started working on the concrete sidewalk immediately, because the owner sounded desperate and worried about the condition of the sidewalk. The crew was able to get the sidewalk repaired quickly for the customer and now the cyclists could park their bikes outside and enter the store with no problems. The customer was on cloud nine when he noticed that the sidewalk was repaired so fast. The customer said he was so thankful that he called A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving the experts for concrete sidewalk in Minneapolis. The bike owner can now conduct business and not have to worry about anyone entering his establishment, thanks to A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving the only concrete company to contact for all your sidewalk repairs.

Carpenter Orders Expert Retaining Wall from Minneapolis Concrete Company

A carpenter had just purchased a fixer-upper home in South Minneapolis. He had done most of the repairs inside the home, but he knew right away he needed an update on the shabby fence that was up in the yard. He was thinking about having a retaining wall built instead of wooden or metal fencing. He wanted it to look beautiful, so he called the best concrete company in Minneapolis, A. Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving.

The team of experts from A. Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving set an appointment to meet with the customer so we could get a clear idea on the type of retaining wall the customer wanted and to also measure the property precisely. We went over different options that would enhance the property and stay within the budget that the customer had set aside for this project. He told us he wanted large stones with a variety of colors in the wall and around the front of the property. We measured the area, then returned two days later to start the project. By the end of the week our crew had the retaining wall built. The carpenter arrived home from work and was amazed with the end result. He said he was totally satisfied and pleased with the work that we performed for him, and remarked on how he was very happy he did not have to do the heavy lifting on this project. He said that he is glad that he found the concrete company Minneapolis homeowners could call and get quality work provided for them and at a reasonable cost.

Minneapolis Concrete Staining for Completes Beautiful Entryway

A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving received a call from a church pastor in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The pastor and congregation wanted a durable and attractive entryway to one of their important buildings. They had talked it over, and felt that if they went with carpeting, then it would not last and the cleaning that would have to be done was just not worth it. One of the church members suggested calling A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving, because he had had concrete staining at his home by us, and we did an amazing job. They called A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving for Minneapolis concrete staining that could feature a religious design.

A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving met with the pastor and a few of the members, and they showed us the entryway. They were right that they needed a facelift in this area, and having a religious design would really look great in this area. We showed them samples of concrete staining Minneapolis businesses and residents have had us do for them, and they were impressed with our work, and hired us for their concrete staining. They selected a design, and our professional concrete staining team went to work. When we were finished we went to get the pastor to see what he thought. He came in and was in awe. He was so happy that he was speechless. We were very satisfied doing a job well for a customer that engages in positive activities for the community.

Minneapolis Home Upgrades Exterior With Stone Patio

Our customers in Minneapolis wanted to update the exterior of their home with a style that would continue to look great for years to come. They wanted a new porch, and steps that would increase the overall home value and look great. We discussed different options and they decided on a stone walk, steps and porch. We also added stone up the walls near the front door. Our customer was thrilled with the results! The home looks beautiful! Check out the photos below. For details on the Minneapolis #1 stone patio services , click here!

linden hills steps linden hills stone walk

New Porch & Driveway Add Historic Charm to Minneapolis Home

This Minneapolis home had a porch that needed some repair from years of use. The homeowners also wanted a design that would fit the style of the home, so they decided remodeling was the solution. They gave us a call and we designed a concrete porch, concrete driveway, sidewalk and brick driveway. The new brick design added charm to the historic building and enhanced character. Our customer said our crew was awesome throughout the process and left the site clean when we left. Check out the photos below! Learn about the number one brick paving company in Minneapolis, here!

MN Brick Driveway Minneapolis brick driveway Minneapolis brick porch