Edina Stamped Concrete Patio Installed for BBQs and Outdoor Fun

A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving was called upon by a homeowner in Edina who rediscovered some of the joys of cooking after a friend had given him a new grill as a gift. He absolutely appreciated the grill, but the new grill made his present deck look shabby. He called us because he wanted to have stamped concrete in Edina installed. We told him it wouldn’t be a problem, and that it would provide an attractive space while also reducing the risk of a fire.

The A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving team met with the homeowner so we could discuss different stamped concrete options with him. We let the homeowner know that he could choose from a variety of stone or even brick patterns and color could even be added to accent the appearance of the home. He selected the pattern and stone that he wanted, then we measured the space and gave him an estimate that he was pleased with. The A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving team returned to install the stamped concrete patio for the customer and when it was installed the customer was in awe. The customer said the stamped concrete turned out more beautiful than he was expecting. He said he was sure glad that he called A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving for the best stamped concrete Edina homeowners would appreciate and enjoy. The customer is enjoying his new grill on his new patio and creating delicious meals for his family and friends and always tells his guests about the great services we provided for him.

Edina Snow Plowing for Safety and Convenience

An Edina couple had always relied on a friendly neighbor who had a snow blower to take care of some of the sidewalk and driveway for them. They had an arrangement where they paid him in delicious smoked ham the husband got every year. Unfortunately, the neighbor moved away so the couple called a company recommended to them by a friend for snow plowing in Edina. The A. Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving crew went out to see the couple and give them an estimate for their snow plowing. The couple agreed with the bid and we let them know that they wouldn’t have to worry about clearing their driveway or sidewalks, because our qualified team would keep them clear and safe for them.

The A. Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving crew arrived at the residence in Edina every time snow came. We made sure that the couple would have their sidewalk and driveway clear and safe, because the wife let us know that she was always afraid that she would slip and fall on the sidewalk and reinjure her hip. One afternoon we received a call from her. She just wanted to let us know that A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving solved all their problems and not once did they have to worry about the snow plowing done by our team. She said they always showed up and safely removed the snow without her even having to call the office. She said she is telling all her friends that if they need snow plowing in Edina to call A. Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving.

Edina Concrete for Happy Couple

An Edina couple was thinking about switching from a blacktop driveway to a concrete driveway, because they wanted to be able to transition smoothly into the garage with their vehicles with ease. They had just had their garage redone and finished and they noticed that when they entered their garage there was a bump. They didn’t like this feeling and didn’t particularly appreciate the aesthetiic qualities of the blacktop either. They called us hoping to speak with Edina concrete experts, and were not disappointed. They had noticed A. Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving working on their neighbor’s driveway not too long ago, which they felt had turned out beautifully. This is how they knew who to call for excellent concrete driveway services.

The A. Pietig crew arrived at the home and began removing the current driveway. Once it was removed the crew started getting the ground ready for the concrete driveway. We made sure the drainage was in place, then we started pouring the concrete. The concrete driveway was completed and the couple was ecstatic. The surface is now smooth. The couple can get into the garage with ease, and when Winter arrives the concrete can be easily be swept off or shoveled with ease. A. Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving is the concrete specialists Edina residents can really enjoy and appreciate. They didn’t realize what a difference the concrete made over the blacktop until they had it installed at their home.

Edina Stamped Concrete Is Essential for new Concrete Patio

An Edina couple had been redoing their backyard. They added new patio furniture, a fire pit, and a new awning. The couple was looking at paver patios when they realized they were looking for more of a desert like southwestern feel, which led them to call the best company for stamped concrete Edina had to offer. Of course the company they called was A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving. Our design team met with the couple at their home so we could get an idea and feel on exactly what they wanted and where they would like the stamped concrete placed. The couple showed us some pictures and designs, and we informed them that what they were asking of us was very possible, because we have  plenty of experience providing stamped concrete Edina homeowners are proud of.

The couple agreed, and we started on the project. The A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving experts arrived promptly on time, and started the stamped concrete project. We worked several days until we had the project completed for the customers. Once it was done, the couple was tickled to see that their southwestern and desert design that they had created came to life in their concrete. They said that they had always wanted to have this done, but didn’t think it would be possible until they talked with the experts providing stamped concrete Edina homeowners can trust. We were happy to work on a project that was clearly very special to the homeowners, and also glad to have once again done a great job.

Edina Customer Re-Tiles Pool for New Look!

This home in Edina, MN was one of our past clients for a stone fireplace. They loved our work and when the time came to replace the pool deck, they knew to call us. They wanted to have pavers on the pool  deck, fireplace area, stone walls and re-tile the pool. We created a mockup of what the finished results would look like with all of the new upgrades, and they were sold. Even with the weather changes, we were able to complete the job seamlessly. They said that once again, our team was great! They are another happy customer. Click here to learn about the favored Edina concrete and brick paving contractor!

edina pool deck edina brick fireplace edina re-tiled pool

Edina Re-Paves Driveway with Stone to Accent Home

In Bloomington, we re-paved our customer’s driveway, added stone retaining walls and stone on the lower exterior of the home. After hearing about A. Pietig through a friend, this customer did some research and hired us for the job. They said that Andy was so nice to work with  and the pavers and stone on the house walls look great!  The driveway has a variety of tones, which really enhance the color of the home and complete the look. We cleaned up and mades sure the driveway and siding was neat before leaving. Check out the beautiful results below! Learn more about Bloomington’s favorite stone contractors, here.

bloomington stone driveway

Edina Brick Paving and Landscaping Boost Curb Appeal

We recently installed a new paver driveway, stone columns and landscaping for a home property in Edina, MN. This elegant home was getting upgrades, so they could sell their home faster and easier. We added a unique style of brick that had texture, in addition to a pattern for a visually-pleasing look. Our customer said the finished look was exactly what they hoped for and we were great once again! Check out Edina’s leading brick paving company, here!

 Brick driveway and landscaping Brick pavers Edina Edina brick driveway

Edina Paver Driveway Completes Dream Home

A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving was contacted by a married couple in Edina. The couple was planning on redoing their front yard, and they wanted to add a paver driveway too. The couple had teenaged children and now they were able to have the type of driveway and landscaping they always wanted. The couple wanted A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving to come to their home to give them an estimate on a paver driveway.

The A Pietig crew arrived at the home ready to address any needs regarding paver driveways Edina could throw at them. They went over the measurements, then gave the couple an estimate for a driveway install. The couple agreed on the quote and scheduled our team to come out on a Monday morning. The crew arrived promptly as scheduled and immediately went to work on removing the current driveway. The crew made sure to protect the landscaping so it wouldn’t be affected by the work. It took several days for the driveway to be completed, but when it was finished the couple could not believe how perfect it looked. The couple said they now had the curb appeal that they wanted with their home. They also said that the value of their home would definitely increase because their previous driveway was cracked and worn out.

The young couple even sent us a thank you card. They expressed how thankful they were for the work performed and how each crew member was professional and courteous.

New Concrete Steps for Edina Parents

A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving Inc. was contacted by a couple in Edina. The successful middle-aged couple explained to us that they wanted to have their concrete steps replaced. Their son had just left for college, but his love for skateboarding had turned their Edina concrete steps into a mess. Years of jumps and tricks and having friends over to do the same had left their steps in a state of crumbling ruin. The couple wanted to have new steps installed for safety reasons and to improve the appearance of their home.

The A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving crew arrived at the couple’s home in Edina to to commence their concrete step replacement work. The crew would have to remove the current concrete steps, then install the new concrete steps. The crew successfully removed the current steps and at the end of the day the new concrete steps were installed. The A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving crew went over any concerns with the couple, and assured them that the new concrete steps were backed with a warranty and guarantee. If the couple has any problems they can give A Pietig a quick phone call because all of our work is guaranteed.

The couple was thrilled with the look of the new concrete steps and highly appreciated both the quality of the work and the prompt service. Their son has seen the new steps and was so impressed with how much nicer they look that he even agreed not to skateboard on their new concrete.

New Brick Oven Built for Edina Pizza Lovers!

A. Pietig performs a variety of services, including outdoor kitchens! We had a previous client from Edina contact us to build an outdoor brick pizza oven. Our team of designers were able to create a plan with our client, to ensure that we had the size and look that they envisioned. Our team of installers measured out the area where the oven would go and began building. Heat-resistant bricks should be used when building an oven because the high temperature causes standard building bricks to expand and crack. Our team was able to complete the job with great success! Our customer loved the results and is looking forward to eating a slice of homemade brick oven pizza!

To learn more about the Edina’s brick and masonry professionals, click here!

Edina Brick Oven

Edina Brick Pizza Oven