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A.Pietig Concrete and Brick Paving is Bloomington’s #1 concrete contractor because of a commitment to excellence in the areas of quality work and customer service.  The owner of the company, Andy Pietig, is a respected leader in the cement contracting community who has 15 years of experience doing a number of different types of projects. Some of the services offered by our company include both the installation and help with designing custom stone, masonry, retaining walls, and both cement and brick paver driveways. We are willing to take on any job regardless of how large, small, easy, or difficult it might be. Our professionals take pride in their work, so you know you will get a quality job done every time. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the results you want and the results that you deserve.

Top services:

  • Concrete driveway paving
  • Concrete patio
  • Concrete garage floors
  • Steps
  • sidewalks

Our Award Winning Concrete Services

At A.Pietig Concrete and Brick Paving, it is clear that we love what we do, and the evidence to prove that is in the high quality work we do for our customers.  This dedication to excellence has made us an industry leader and award winner for the many different concrete services we offer.  We have developed a reputation with past customers for not only doing a quality job, but for going the extra mile and often exceeding the expectations of our customers.  Andy Pietig, the owner of the company, has built a reputation of trust, integrity, honesty, and professionalism with his customers over the last 15 years, both with customers and peers in the industry.  What makes our company stand out is that we are completely dedicated to providing quality craftsmanship.  We care about all of the details of a project, no matter how small.  Contact us today so that we can help you get started!

Bloomington Brick Paving Services

A brick paver driveway can be an excellent addition to your home.  If you are considering a brick paver driveway, you want to contact professionals you can trust to help you come up with a good design to match your home and professionals who can make that design a reality.  A.Pietig is the leading company choice for the Bloomington area. You can rest easy when you hire us because we care about you and your project. Our reputation for quality work and customer service speaks for itself, as we come highly recommended on Angie’s List and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Call us for more information at 952-835-0393.

Concrete Driveway Has New Curb Appeal in Bloomington, MN

A. Pietig was scheduled to service a customer in Bloomington, MN. The customer wanted her concrete driveway to have more shape and character. She saw photos on our website of our previous work, and found one she loved! With the variety of textures and colors available these days, your driveway shouldn’t have to be boring. She decided to have the driveway split and sectioned up into eight squares to add her own unique curb appeal.

We were able to apply the cement to her driveway and section it off. It ended up looking just as it did in the picture she showed us. She said she found us on Angie’s List, where she knew she could trust the honest reviews that people write. Our company had outstanding reviews that she trusted and called us. She was very happy with the results we provided and can’t wait for the compliments she is about to receive!

A. Pietig offers other services: sidewalks, patios, and steps. Contact A. Pietig for all of your concrete needs!

How Long Does Concrete Last?

One of the most common questions that is asked about concrete is “how long will it last?”

If the concrete has been properly installed and sealed, then the concrete can last up to 50 years. Once the concrete has been installed, it is important for your concrete to cure. The curing process allows the concrete to gain strength. The curing stage is usually a month, and then a sealer is applied to protect the concrete.

The most important thing to remember about the concrete is to stay off of it for the first 24 hours after the concrete has been installed. You will want to keep everyone and everything off the concrete for this first 24-hour period. After this initial period, you can walk across the concrete, but you should avoid driving on the concrete for at least a week. Giving your concrete this time will allow it to gain the strength that it needs to last the full 50 years. Once the week is up, you can drive on it, kids can play on it; you can enjoy the driveway. You do want to make sure no heavy vehicles, such as trash trucks, drive on your driveway for a while. It is recommended to keep heavy vehicles off the driveway for at least 30 days. This gives the concrete plenty of time to cure and gain the strength that it needs to hold up.

After the curing time has passed, a sealant will be applied. The only thing that homeowners will have to do to their concrete is a good washing with a power washer or hose several times a year. This will keep the concrete clean of any chemicals and dirt. Weather elements such as rain, snow, and sunlight contains many chemicals that can be deposited on the concrete, but a good cleaning will remove them. The sealant will also protect the concrete from absorbing any of these chemicals.

Concrete is an excellent addition to any home and can last a homeowner 25-50 years. The length of time depends on the concrete, weather conditions, and how well the concrete is maintained by the homeowner. Many homeowners never have to worry about replacing their concrete for the time that they own their home, which is the main reason homeowners choose concrete.

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New Bloomington Concrete Driveway Project

As a Bloomington based company, our team here at A. Pietig have installed a ton of new concrete driveways for Bloomington, MN residents.  In General, Bloomington is a concrete city!  Below is a photo of an A. Pietig concrete driveway project.  The home was a typical 50-60’s rambler with a front sidewalk going through the driveway.  The existing driveway was cracked, heaved and had outlived is useful life.  We removed the old concrete, made adjustments to the base layer and installed a new concrete driveway.  The result brightens up the look of the home and the homeowner is very happy with their new concrete driveway!

Thanks again! A. Pietig Concrete, Bloomington, MN

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