Carpenter Orders Expert Retaining Wall from Minneapolis Concrete Company

A carpenter had just purchased a fixer-upper home in South Minneapolis. He had done most of the repairs inside the home, but he knew right away he needed an update on the shabby fence that was up in the yard. He was thinking about having a retaining wall built instead of wooden or metal fencing. He wanted it to look beautiful, so he called the best concrete company in Minneapolis, A. Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving.

The team of experts from A. Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving set an appointment to meet with the customer so we could get a clear idea on the type of retaining wall the customer wanted and to also measure the property precisely. We went over different options that would enhance the property and stay within the budget that the customer had set aside for this project. He told us he wanted large stones with a variety of colors in the wall and around the front of the property. We measured the area, then returned two days later to start the project. By the end of the week our crew had the retaining wall built. The carpenter arrived home from work and was amazed with the end result. He said he was totally satisfied and pleased with the work that we performed for him, and remarked on how he was very happy he did not have to do the heavy lifting on this project. He said that he is glad that he found the concrete company Minneapolis homeowners could call and get quality work provided for them and at a reasonable cost.