Brick Paver Driveways MN

Five benefits of installing a brick paver driveway:

1. Versatile design options – with virtually unlimited colors and styles.  No boring slab of asphalt here – custom design your own paver driveway or consult your professional at A. Pietig Concrete and Brick, Paving, Inc.  to come up with a design that fits you and your family!
2. Low-maintenance, high quality product that can handle the harsh Minnesota winter or hot humid summer (read below to find out why!)
3. Long-lasting – can last for decades   – up to 50 years!
4. Stronger and more durable: Did you know brick pavers are many times stronger than typical driveway surfaces?
5. No cracking!

Brick Pavers- Popular MN Driveway Paving Option

While many homeowners like to install asphalt or concrete for their driveway needs, more and more consumer are taking it a step further and installing brick paver style driveways.  This style is rapidly increasing in popularity within both the residential and commercial concrete markets.  This option presents a wide range of surface finishes, colors, shapes and sizes and can be a great complement to a home’s landscape or overall appearance.

Brick paving stones are ideal for those harsh Minnesota winters, because they are small, high density units that resist cracking and can handle freezing/thawing and erosion from putting salt on your driveway.  Pavers are actually stronger than other common surfaces.  Plus, the smooth surface allows for easy snow removal and darker colored pavers help melt snow easier.  As for maintenance, all you really need to do is basic upkeep like sweeping and the occasional power wash. No back-breaking seal-coating needed here!

If you want to be the envy of your neighborhood and install one of the most aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting, low maintenance driveway options, then let your professional concrete contractors at A. Pietig Concrete and Brick Paving, Inc., discuss the brick paver options – and designs – available to you.

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