Bike Shop Needs Work Done on Minneapolis Concrete Sidewalk

A bicycle shop was needing their Minneapolis concrete sidewalk repaired. The sidewalk had been in need of repair for some time and the bicycle shop owner thought that the city may repair it, but after asking and asking the city he decided to take matters in his own hands. He called A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving to have the work done. He explained to us that he was worried that one of his customers would trip and fall on the sidewalk and the sidewalk was close to where the bikes were to park to enter the store. The owner just wanted the sidewalk repaired as quickly as we could.

The A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving team came out and started working on the concrete sidewalk immediately, because the owner sounded desperate and worried about the condition of the sidewalk. The crew was able to get the sidewalk repaired quickly for the customer and now the cyclists could park their bikes outside and enter the store with no problems. The customer was on cloud nine when he noticed that the sidewalk was repaired so fast. The customer said he was so thankful that he called A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving the experts for concrete sidewalk in Minneapolis. The bike owner can now conduct business and not have to worry about anyone entering his establishment, thanks to A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving the only concrete company to contact for all your sidewalk repairs.