Baseball Fan Needs New Concrete Patio in Minneapolis

A few weeks ago, A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving was contacted by a homeowner in Minneapolis. The homeowner was a baseball fan who was getting really excited about spring training. He had just purchased a new grill on sale during the winter months, but realized that he would need an excellent concrete patio in Minneapolis to be able to enjoy it fully. He wanted to have the patio ready by spring, so he called us to come measure the space and to provide an estimate for him. He approved, and we’ll be installing it as one of our first projects in the next season.

The A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving experts arrived at the home in Minneapolis. The homeowner showed us the space where he wanted the concrete patio installed. We measured the space, then gave him the estimate, which he was delighted with. We let the homeowner know that we could do all types of different patios, then we showed him some pictures of previous concrete patios in Minneapolis that we had done for our customers. The homeowner was really impressed with a few of the patios, then said he would think about the decision and let us know. The homeowner must have been impressed with our estimate and previous work, because just a few days later he called us to have us do his patio. The baseball fan said he talked it over with his wife and they both agreed that A Pietig Concrete & Brick Paving is the professional contractor to do their Minneapolis concrete patio.